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As per usual I did three posts in three weeks and then nothing for a month. Life can be busy and get it the way and with Grace’s and Jo’s birthday this month that’s certainly been the case. We also went on a week holiday break to Norfolk, talk about cramming it in.

Now the month wasn’t all kind. I was very tired the first two weeks and only another fortnight of antibiotics did I start to feel back to normal. For example, I didn’t need to nap in the day to get through it. Likewise the phlegm, which hasn’t left, is much better and not as cough inducing.

But I had a good couple of weeks. I also returned to London and took the train for the first time in over two years, ate inside a restaurant and went into a soft play. I figured having had COVID in the last month meant I may as well do it now. I have no idea if I have any immunity to it with my immunosuppression but if not now when?

I also took a blood test and my lymphocytes have increased from 0.2 to 0.4 again. I’m waiting on more results to see if I will now begin the steady rise back to normal (0.8-4) which I would mean my immunosuppression was over. (I would like it to stop then as, because the cancer is in my lymphocytes they got as high as 50 before I nodded treatment and delaying that kind of spike would be good).

One slight problem I have had in the last week is a massive mouth ulcer. I think it’s only so big because I accidentally bit it twice. It’s not so painful, nothing like the swollen throat, but it’s very annoying and requires salt water and bonjela. Additionally I’ve been tried again, which i assume is because of the immune system kicking into action again, so am trying to get some sleep.

Big mouth ulcer, I hear some of you say, it can’t be that big. Well here it is. As you can see cancer, chemotherapy and immunosuppression are the gifts that keep giving. That said life could be much worse so It’lll be fine (sorry about the photo, I did promise I would share everything on this blog). Still this too will pass in around two weeks and if it doesn’t it’s time to see the doctor and get it looked at.

Anyway it’s my birthday on Friday so enough about the stupid ulcer. I’ll be 39. Unlike a lot of people who complain as they get older I welcome it. Tick, another year survived. Honestly if I get to forty, fifty and sixty I’ll be the happiest man when I hit those, sixty would mean Grace was 27 and Avery 25. If I get that far I will have successfully completed my job of getting them to adulthood. Sure I was longer and more for them, but that would be a win.

So all in all 39 is good news, roll on 40!! Thanks again for reading.