I have begun writing a new book. Not that the one I plan to release early next year won’t be, because it will. Rather I just had a stonking idea and decided to give it a go and see what happened!

Otherwise I wrote a poem for a competition. This is the picture we needed to write about and here is the poem. I don’t normally write poetry so I thought it would be interesting to do.

The only rule was that it had to be under 100 words!

Poem – The Abandoned Chair

Chrome and wood and tile and clay. If these could talk what would they say?
An empty chair, an abandoned space, A cracked and broken carapace.
A frozen moment down a lens, sanitised, emotions cleansed.
What does it mean, this chair alone. penitents cage or royal’s throne?
A sense of dread a feel of fear. Grisly things have happened here.
Subtle clues a story tell discarded letters a musty smell.
The deeds were shrouded electricity’s hum, a twenties sanatorium.