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Hello mortals. Thank you for logging in here to read some more meaningless drivel, or as I call it, words what I done thought.

Anyway, probably too much coffee, ignore that.

So, cancer, no news = good news. My next appointment in 7 months, lets hope no need to update until then.

House moving = done. Thank you all those who helped (Matt, Mark, Susie, Gareth, Patrick, Helen, Tom, Dad, Madelyn and I suppose Jo :P)

So onto more exciting topics, my new house is still looking like a site, but its getting there. After two solid weeks of work with one extremely handy handyman (Steve) we are now onto week 3 and we now have another addition to our workforce, my sisters boyfriend Michael.

With less than two weeks remaining until the grand unveiling I am getting a little nervous, but I think we should be fine. I also wanted to share with you some photos, so you can see what progress has been made.

Firstly we had two rooms and now we have one, connected in the middle by an arch. How was this done, I hear you ask? Well there had been an arch before and someone had filled it in. With the middle room shrouded in eternal night the arch was needed to reinstate sunlight into it. So Steve knocked it back in, as below.

No arch 3

Just a plain old boring wall.

No arch2

The other side of the wall, with some crappy wallpaper.

Look no arch!

New Arch

God, is that an, yes it is, its a new arch!

New Arch (2)

The arch goes through both sides….


The arch is almost finished…

Completed Arch

Arch complete (ignore furniture)

Aside from the arch we also had wooden floors upstairs, but carpet down. With Jo’s allergies this just had to go. So up came the carpet.

No arch2

Carpet… (and no arch, but we covered that)


More carpet…

So then we got to the floor

New Floor

So…. that might take some work… maybe we should leave it as an ironic feature. (Jo said no)

Floor (2)

A bit blurry (that’s what happens when a handyman, who can paint, plumb, do electrics and carpentry takes photos)… oh well he obviously needs training in useful skills.

But with some sanding and some amazing varnishing it ends up like this


Also featuring arch


Shiny… and dark

Completed floor and fireplace

Good times, now we just need some furniture…

So anyway, that’s where we are at so far. Next time expect to see exciting stuff which we done bought at the auction, and wallpaper, ugly and gone.

Better get the guys working again, we only have 7 or so days now and I need to get a skip…