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Hi Chaps (chappetes?), it’s me again. I just thought I’d drop a quick blog post out to say that I had my blood tests two days ago and for once St Barts was very quick.

It took one and a bit hours to have an appointment with a doctor, and then go and get my bloods done. Compare this to the three hours I have often experienced and I was pleasantly surprised.

My appointment was at 9am, I know to get in early before the backlog builds up, and I waited to see Prof Gribben, but alas he seems to have deserted me. Instead I had a different doctor, for the second time. I can only take this to mean I am no longer a priority for someone senior, which is good news. The doctors have always been incredibly professional, and now it seems the admin might finally be catching up. This is a welcome change, as this is the only area of the NHS I have had a reason to compain about.

So my doctor was actually quite hot this time, a blond lady in her 40’s. She put Jo behind a curtain and asked me to lay down. Liking a strong woman and being used to obeying one I did so. My heart gave a little flutter at her probing, especially the groin check (for the glands and lymph nodes I should point out) but she was as professional as I have come to expect from my appointments and her cool clinicians touch was something of an anticlimax.

She said my spleen had not grown and that I seemed to be in good health. I confirmed a lack of spleen pain and we both left on a happy note.

Then, with this done, I went to the appointments desk (a new initiative, would you believe they had the overstretched admin on the floor taking appointments before, this and a couple of other changes have made the world of difference to the speediness and organisation on the haemo/onc ward).

Then the blood tests were taken in a new record time. So say it was speedy was an understatment, I have taken longer at a cashpoint. There was no small talk though. In, a little prick, and then it was all done before I really noticed. Much like my teenage years.

Now we wait. Hopefully I will get the blood tests results soon. That said I may get my bloods from another test I had yesterday first, even though it was a day later. Private healthcare always runs quicker, if you (or someone else) pays. I’ll tell you more about that trip and why I needed it next week, don’t worry it wasn’t bad 🙂