Hi all, long time no speak.

Sorry I didn’t post sooner about the gig Clive Wells is putting on for bloodwise on Saturday. I had meant to blog at the beginning of the week but since Thursday last week I’ve been ill, with light sensitivity, sweats, head pain and a temperature. Luckily it doesn’t appear I have rabies but it has been slow progress to recover.

The paramedics were out to us on Sunday, but then I got some antibiotics later that day and it’s been a slow recovery since. This may not be down to the antibiotics, but either way I’m still tired and sweaty at night but I slowly improve every day.

Typical though isn’t it! I haven’t had a day off in seven and a half years up Nutbourne and now I have had a whole week in one go!

Anyway that’s why I’ve been remiss talking about Erebuni, the gig venue. You can come for free to see the gig, or book in for a meal before or during at https://www.erebuni.co.uk/

The gig is trying to raise money for lymphoma research and if you can’t make it and fancy a quick donation, the page is at https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/marcus-evans12

Or there will be people with tins there.

So, sorry I haven’t been as vocal as normal about getting people along but please do come. It promises to be a good event. Even if you are coming, bring a few friends as well for good measure, the more the merrier!

Thanks all, and perhaps my sickness is a good reminder for me that we are all mortal and although this illness may not have any connection to my condition, it may. So keep yourselves in good shape and always get anything wrong with you checked out asap!

Thanks for reading!