Hi all. Last time I posted we were poised to do a gig for charity. Clive Wells, had very kindly organised it and we were hoping to raise a fair sum. We also had a bake sale at work for the same charity, and again the response from that was great.

With all this kind help I should really have written sooner, but I was still ropey for the week after the gig (although at work) and then I had a lot to catch up on. Also, and this was going to be the easy excuse, I wanted to see how much would come in by the finish.

So anyway, with out any further delays. The kind folk who attended the gig helped me raise £138 on the night (which with around 12-15 people there is really good!).

The work bake sale raised 110.20 (and at 50p a cookie, and £1 a bun that was great going to, people even bought my daughters rice crispy cakes).

Then with offline donations of lovely people far and wide, who really are too good to me, we raised a total of….. drum role….. £1100, which is a fantastic amount and well in excess of what I thought we might get. A great amount given the fact there was no 50 odd mile walk and waxing in sight.

It wouldn’t have been possible without, Clive and bands, Marie, Kittie (and her tireless bakesale work at work) Matt (also at work, and with a very red beard) Jo, Kim and Susie, who so kindly babysat, and lots of very kind donaters.

So thanks all! Images below, and then some more musings 🙂

Bake 1

Bake 2


Night 2



Finally the event was really well timed for me given my illness of the week before. I know this was quite concerning, but having not been ill for a while I was probably due a nasty one. With my condition any illness does always focus ones mind on the frailty of life, and the conditions which can crop up from nowhere at very short notice. I have been making an extra effort to play with my kids, even when exhausted, and trying to take moments to appreciate life.

Please do the same, and treasure those around you, as its easy to take them for granted. Even a simple, thanks when someone who has done something kind, or a kind gesture to a loved one will make yours, and their, life that much better, even if it is just simple.

So thanks all for all your help with this. Anyone who donated time or money, you’ve done something positive and I wholeheartedly thank you for it. Even those who didn’t, but are following my blog, or are there for me in my everyday life. Thank you all too.

Without you life would suck.