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It’s that fun time of the month again. I get to have a stay in hospital and get some poison pumped into me. On the plus side I am getting to know all the nurses and doctors by name, so now we chat and catch up every time I come in, which is much more welcoming. I even recognised a patient today who was in 28 days ago… Poor bugger.

On another note some of my friends have decided to run five miles a day for a month. Pretty epic. Given my current condition I am walking a mile a day. This is proving nearly as challenging as my twenty mile runs used to be when I was training. This is all for a great charity blood cancer UK, a charity that for some reason is dear to my heart…. The link is below and if you want to give to one of the others who are doing way more impressive mileage, please just follow the team link to get their pages.



So that’s the fundraising chemo madness. In terms of treatment today I had both the rituximab and the Bendamustine in one go. No response to Rituximab and we pushed it up to max. That’s three doses with no reaction, which is very reassuring.

My bloods are normal, and although I’m tired a lot, I’m hoping this time I don’t end up in hospital. This should be helped by the fact I have had the lower dose again, same as the second treatment. I will now be on the lower dose for the next three sessions as Dr Hodson agreed going to hospital every session wasn’t ideal.

Other than this my spleen has shrunk to 19cm from 29cm. Normal is 10cm, so very much in the right direction.

Anyway I hope you are all well and if you can please dig deep for charity it would be appreciated. As a group we will be doing 806 miles (although without me they are still doing 775, so I am very much the mile a day tag on. :)).