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Hi folks. It’s been a long time since I had anything relevant to write on the blog, other than just ‘so here’s a generic update’. Don’t worry though, it’s not bad health related. So thats a win.

So first thing first I was lucky enough to be invited to the Ivy with blood cancer UK (formally bloodwise). I have always have a soft spot for them as they do clinical trials in the arena of blood cancer and also raise awareness, so I really do have a selfish interest in raising money for them. (Do more trials that help me and people with my condition). I went along with a couple of friends. One who is a corporate sponsor (Rob) and Patrick, who is doing the royal parks half in October for them, along with Katy. .

Anyway they told us about all the good works they have been doing, and had a really interesting Q and A session. They also gave us canapes and champagne, so all in all we covered the bases. They are a great bunch, who have been doing excellent work and I am very pleased to have raised so much for them (somewhere in the 20k plus thousands).

During the chat it occured to me it’s been ten years since I got diagnosed in June. What a tumultuous ten years that has been. I was also forty yesterday. So lots of big events coming up/just happened. Now I’m a good deal fitter (but still not marathon running fit, and likely never again). My mind drifted to how to do a great fundraising event. Last time (at the five year survival mark) I ran something big it was a 24 hours walk that got 53 people out and over 7k of donations. I’m not game for the 54 mile walk this time around but thought maybe we could do something similar.

So I present to you the June cancer walk extravaganza (name still in development, I wish I had a naming guy to help). This will be a direct follow up from the 24 hour super long walky and the guys individual five miles a day running leg chaffy (seriously if anyone one is good with names please help).

Anyway I think we can get enough people together to walk 4010 miles in June. I am forty and it’s been ten years since I was diagnosed, so it’s kind of sensible. I want forty people to help if I can, and walk as much as you can every day until we got that target, and get sponsorship on the way.

For everyone over forty people who do it, we add their total to it, as we don’t want it to be too easy if the 53 rock up from last time.

So who would be game to walk with me? I will start a team fundraising page and you can add your details to it. Over a hundred miles June would be the individual goal. (Running or walking, no cars. Unless you are pushing a car, that I might count).

I want to raise a pound for every mile we do as well. Its actually only 5k of walking a day and not even the government recommended steps (set your own targets over one hundred people. Any two hundred milers out there?) I am committing to 150 miles (so 5 a day).

So this will become a daily (ISH) post in June to track to goal.

4010 miles. 4010 pounds. 30 days. (And if we get more than forty people it goes up, I’ll also set up a WhatsApp group). As many people as can join us. Who is game? (A Fitbit or similar would be handy here). :). You can do more miles too if you want to! I’ll also happily do some of it with friends. Just let me know a day you want to walk.

It’s been ten years since I got cancer. I didn’t die, although it wasn’t great two years ago. I’m forty this year. What other reasons do we need to get out there (oh yes, it’s for an excellent cause https://bloodcancer.org.uk/ ).

Thanks everyone for reading, as always. More details to follow, and an honour role for people who sign up. :). Also, some highlights from 2018 below.