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Jo and I have taken the decision to self isolate for the 12 week period suggested. This includes taking the kids out of nursery and having them at home for two weeks. It’s going to be tough, but it’s the right thing to do. Because

A) it’s the advice. The only difference between high risk and low risk is how strongly they advise it. The stats show that is everyone self isolated it would go away much quicker. Lots of people still don’t really want to do this, and so this pandemic will last much longer because of people going out, visiting friends. Partially this is down to the government. They should have just closed all leisure places, then this wouldn’t be a discussion.

B) I have a few elderly and vunerable people who can have no visitors. If we have all isolated for two weeks, and so have they, I can go round for a visit and give them some company at a safe distance. Otherwise they will see no one.

C) I have my underlying health condition. I am more at risk than most. So we have to be sensible and follow the government advice. I haven’t had a letter form the NHS telling me to, but I’m going to do so anyway as it makes sense.

So that’s it. Twelve weeks. We won’t be stuck in the house though. We have a nice garden (and planting season will be here soon, as long as we can get some seeds posted to is), and will visit the duck pond and drive to local heritage sites nearby. All we have to do is stay two metres away the cafes and shops are shut anyway.

I am 1925 weeks old. What is another 12 to that? This too will pass in time. Or as Maya Angelou said ‘every storm runs out of rain.’

We will keep working. I will work from 8-9 and then from 12-5 and Jo will work around that for childcare. Weekends we will go for a drive.

Meanwhile I’ll work in the shed. The last week has been great for seeing coworkers, albeit onscreen, and I will keep up he face calling! Additionally kind gifts have already started arriving to decorate the shed (thanks Kirsty, Tony and Tom). I will also not shave and see how much of a hobo in the shed I can look.

Anyway I’ll try and post every week, alongside spending time with these two.

Side note. We have just been called by Nursery on their last day, at 5. To say Avery has a temperature of 38.5. hopefully it’s a normal bug or he’s teething. Otherwise self isolation is even more pressing, although the Trojan horse may be within the walls already…. 🙂

Keep safe everyone!